June 14.-18. 2004 was spent in Legoland, Billund...

Two AFOLs, or adult Legoholics(?) arrives in Legoland and find a giant box on the floor outside the main shop: ~1.5x5 meters, 1 meter high, with loose Lego, available for digging, grabbing, and buing15-liters/5 kilos boxes of... One of the 15-litre-box, filled with whatever one found, is available for only DKK 599 (only 120 DKK a kilo!). Only the sky, the VISA-card, and the trunk of the car is the limit:

Here is around 30 kilo put into 6 boxes (some has already been taken out): :

Here are the boxes again, together with what has been removed from them after they've been purchased (we did some sorting in the hotel in the evenings):

Here I've spread one of the boxes on the table, so one really can see how much it is, this one is mainly "walls" (1xn), roofs and a lot of other useful stuff, others were filled with large amounts of Technic and train-stuff:

Even if we concentrated on the cheap PaB did we also get some other stuff. It was especially nice to get the Train Engine Shed which is not available in Norway, since there still is no S@H for us :-(

A small defence on the quantities: One slightly reduced box went to our nephews and nice and one to the youth club in the local Methodist Church...

Updated: July 28. 2004